Healthier White Cheddar Mac & Cheese

Healthy mac & cheese that doesn’t sacrifice flavor.

2 servings

Time: 30 mins

By Ethan Chlebowski

Are you looking for a healthy, weeknight version of Mac & Cheese that actually tastes good? This is the white cheddar mac base you need to learn, which I originally covered in this video. Add in a healthy dose of lean protein and veg to bulk it up.

Ethan Chlebowski

Ethan Chlebowski



  • White cheddar base

    • white cheddar powder
      30 g
    • skim milk
      30 g
    • low-fat sour cream
      30 g
    • dried pasta
      170 g~1/3 lb
    • salt
      to taste
  • Add ins

    • chicken
      , grilled
      150 g
    • frozen peas
      100 g


Step 1: Boil the pasta

In a saucepot or wide pan, barely submerge the dried pasta with water and add a sprinkle of salt. until most of the water has been absorbed by the pasta, and the pasta is al dente, about 12-13 minutes.

  • This will concentrate the starch from the paste and help create a sauce without needing extra butter and cheese.

Step 2: Make the sauce

Turn off the heat. To create the sauce, add the cheddar powder, milk, and sour cream and stir until creamy.

Step 3: Add ingredients & serve

Eat the mac as is, or add peas & chicken until warmed through. Enjoy.



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