Fundamentals of Cooking

Flavor is a perception formed in the brain, not just in our mouths. It is so much more than just how something ‘tastes’.

Flavor is created by the molecules that make up food, the reactions those molecules go through, and the techniques used to achieve those reactions.


Most of what we experience as ‘taste’ is actually smell. Specific combinations of aromas place a dish within a cuisine or flavor profile.

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We experience food not just with our physical senses, but through our emotions, nostalgia, and cultural associations.

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Ingredients can effect the physical senses of the human body, like warm or spicy foods.

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Our eyes eat first. We are influenced by presentation, color, and visual cues in food.

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Our tongue can only register 5 tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, & umami.

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Distinct textures are what we often love most about food, like crunchy, chewy, or unctuous bites.

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