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We believe in simplicity and necessity. Discover the indispensable tools and resources for home cooks in our curated shop.

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  • Carbon Steel Wok icon

    Made In Cookware

    Carbon Steel Wok

    Super verstatile for , , , and even . If there's one pan to add to your kitchen, its the wok.

  • Stainless Steel Saucier icon

    Made In Cookware

    Stainless Steel Saucier

    Great for water, or even . This is your one-pot-pasta pan.

  • Stainless Steel Sauce Pan icon

    Made In Cookware

    Stainless Steel Sauce Pan

    A smaller pot is useful for sauces, soups, aromatics, or small tasks like melting butter or chocolate.

  • Nonstick Egg Pan icon

    Made In Cookware

    Nonstick Egg Pan

    Keep a dedicated small nonstick pan for eggs, fish, or for when you need a foolproof slick surface.

  • Carbon Steel Griddle icon

    Made In Cookware

    Carbon Steel Griddle

    Workhorse griddle for protein, vegetables, or crushing bacon, eggs, and pancakes all on the same surface. If you have a gas stove, this can live on it.

  • Carbon Steel Saute Pan icon

    Made In Cookware

    Carbon Steel Saute Pan

    If you don't have gas or want a more traditional pan shape, get this instead of the griddle. Perfect for , , and with. The ideal steak & pan sauce tool.


  • 210mm Stainless Steel Gyuto icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    210mm Stainless Steel Gyuto

    All-around Japanese chef knife. This one tool can replace your whole knife block. Stays sharper for much longer than softer, German stainless steel knives.

  • Bread Knife icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Bread Knife

    Serrated knife for bread or slippery jobs like cutting tomatoes. An offset handle is critical for keeping your knuckles off the cutting surface.

  • Boos Cutting Board icon

    John BOOS

    Boos Cutting Board

    Prep becomes so much easier with a larger work surface. With maintenance, this board will last a lifetime.

  • 1000 Grit Whetstone icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    1000 Grit Whetstone

    1000 grit is a good all-around stone for sharpening, but feel free to pick up a 3000+ grit stone for polishing and maintenance.


  • 1/2 Baking Sheet icon

    Made In Cookware

    1/2 Baking Sheet

    Sheet pan dinners, vegetables, , and cookies.

  • 1/2 Pan Baking Rack icon

    Made In Cookware

    1/2 Pan Baking Rack

    For chicken, meats, draining oil off foods, or anything that needs extra airflow.

  • 1/8 Baking Sheet icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    1/8 Baking Sheet

    Grab a stack of these for mise-en-place, making a dredging station, or separating ingredients with different or times.

  • Detroit Style Pizza Pan icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Detroit Style Pizza Pan

    Pan-style pizzas are the best way to get crispy edges with standard home oven temps. Doubles as a vessel for cakes or brownies.

Measuring Tools

  • Digital Scale icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Digital Scale

    Our preferred measuring method. No cups or spoons for us!

  • Surface Thermometer icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Surface Thermometer

    For taking surface temperatures, like the oil for or the pan for a steak.

  • Probe Thermometer icon


    Probe Thermometer

    Take the temperature of meats, fish, breads, or your frying oil. A must-have for consistent results.


  • Rubber Spatula icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Rubber Spatula

    Get every last bit of sauce off a pot, bowl, or blender with this flexible spatula. Use on your non-stick pans. Doubles as a stirring spoon.

  • Silicon Tipped Tongs icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Silicon Tipped Tongs

    Workhorse utensil. Friendly on nonstick pans but capable for serving, turning, grabbing noodles, or going outside to the grill.

  • Fish Spatula icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Fish Spatula

    Great all-around tool for more than just fish. Use for turning, sauteing, scraping, and serving.

  • Flat Metal Spatula icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Flat Metal Spatula

    The perfect smash burger spatula. Great for pressing down and scraping the carbon steel griddle clean, or flipping pancakes over. Doubles as a bench scraper.

  • Serving Spoon icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Serving Spoon

    Scooping & serving. Doubles as a stirring tool.

  • Micro Grater icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Micro Grater

    Great for grating hard cheeses, fresh ginger, garlic cloves, citrus zest, or even whole spices.

  • Peeler icon

    Generic (Amazon)


    Peeling vegetables, thinly shaving carrots & cucumbers, or flaking off cheese or chocolate.


  • Mortar & Pestle icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Mortar & Pestle

    Grind your own whole spices, or use to turn garlic or ginger into a highly aromatic paste.

  • Colander icon

    Generic (Amazon)


    Use for straining pasta or stock, or washing fruits and vegetables. Doubles as a sifter.

  • Kitchen Towels icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Kitchen Towels

    Clean as you go, hold onto hot pan handles.

  • Deli Containers icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Deli Containers

    Perfect for organizing prepped ingredients, making sauces, or storing leftovers. These come in 3 sizes with the same lids, get some of each.

  • Small Glass Bowls icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Small Glass Bowls

    Help with mise en place for small amounts of spices, chopped herbs, or sauces.


  • Hand Blender icon


    Hand Blender

    Great for pureeing sauce, soups, or ingredients on the fly with minimal cleanup. Just blend things up right in the pot, can, or deli container.

  • Blender icon



    A powerful blender is such a quality of life improvement in the kitchen. Makes the smoothest smoothies, purees, and sauces in no time.

  • Kitchen Aid Mixer icon


    Kitchen Aid Mixer

    If you make a lot of bread, this stand mixer is worth the investment. Saves you tons of time.

  • Rice Cooker icon

    Generic (Amazon)

    Rice Cooker

    If you make a lot of rice, invest in one of these. Foolproof, fluffy rice every time without having to worry about a pot on the stove.

  • Traeger Grill icon


    Traeger Grill

    If you have an outdoor space, this is the ultimate level-up purchase. For all-purpose & , this pellet grill can do it all.


  • Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat icon

    Samin Nosrat

    Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

    Master the elements of good cooking with this essential, principle-based book. You'll never think about food the same after digesting these pages.

  • The Food Lab icon

    J. Kenji López-Alt

    The Food Lab

    "Better Home Cooking Through Science." If you're serious about leveling up in the kitchen, you need this book.

  • On Food & Cooking icon

    Harold McGee

    On Food & Cooking

    The authority on every ingredient intricacy and food phenomena alike. This is our go-to book for researching our deep dive videos.

  • Kitchen Passport icon

    Arseny Knaifel (aka Andong)

    Kitchen Passport

    Discover dishes from around the world and the stories behind them –– all from our good friend Andong, who you might recognize from his excellent Youtube channel.

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