Chicken Hummus Wrap

Easy, healthy, and filling. Keep this recipe in your back pocket to use up any leftover veggies or protein in the fridge.

Yields 6-8 wraps

Time: 30 mins

Ethan ChlebowskiBy Ethan Chlebowski

These wraps are changing my snacking habits. Reach for these instead of empty calories!

Ethan Chlebowski

Ethan Chlebowski



  • Grilled chicken

    • chicken breasts
      2~500 g/1lb
    • salt
      a sprinkle5 g
    • cooking oil
      a drizzle
  • Za'atar white sauce

    • mayonnaise
      1 part45 g
    • sour cream
      , low fat
      1 part45 g
    • lemon juice
      1/2 lemon
    • za'atar
      a spoonful
    • red pepper flakes
      a sprinkle
  • Other wrap components

    • flatbreads
    • hummus
    • pepperoncini peppers
      , thinly sliced
    • lettuce
      , thinly sliced
    • cherry tomatoes
      , diced
    • red onions
      , thinly sliced


Step 1: Cook the chicken

Thin out the chicken breasts to an even thickness.

  • You can either butterfly each breast, slice them horizontally in half into thinner pieces, or pound them out flat.

Sprinkle each breast with some salt.

Then, grill or the butterflied (thinned out) chicken breasts in a hot pan until they reach 155°F internal temperature. Set aside to cool, then slice the chicken into long thin strips.

Step 2: Make the white sauce

Combine mayo, low-fat sour cream, za'atar, red pepper flakes, and lemon juice. Taste and adjust as needed.

Step 3: Assemble the wraps

For each wrap, spread a large spoonful of hummus onto a flatbread.

  • Then, add a serving of cooked chicken followed by layers of fresh toppings to taste
  • Drizzle with a spoonful of the za'atar white sauce before rolling it all up.

Optionally wrap in foil if meal prepping, or just to keep all the ingredients together. These can be enjoyed immediately or stored in the fridge for 2-3 days.



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