Green Chile Chicken White Cheddar Mac & Cheese

A healthier mac & cheese with roasted poblanos and grilled chicken.

2-3 servings

Time: 40 mins

By Ethan Chlebowski

I asked myself “could I make a mac & cheese recipe healthyish?” The answer, I’m happy to say, is yes. Check out how I came up with the recipe in the original video here.

Ethan Chlebowski

Ethan Chlebowski



  • Mac & cheese base

    • dried macaroni noodles
      170 g~1/3 lb
    • water
    • salt
      to taste
    • white cheddar powder
      14 g
    • american cheese
      2 slices
    • low-fat evaporated milk
      75 g
  • Add ins

    • chicken breasts
      , cooked & diced
      ~227 g~1/2 lb
    • poblano peppers
    • chili powder
      a sprinkle
    • cumin
      a sprinkle
    • paprika
      a sprinkle


Step 1: Roast poblanos & cook the chicken

Set the oven on . Place the poblanos on a sheet pan and set them under the broiler. Broil until fully on one side before flipping. This can also be done with a blowtorch or directly on a gas flame.

Remove from the oven and place in a container with a lid to for 10 minutes. Once steamed, remove the skin, stems, and seeds from the peppers, then dice them into pieces for the mac and cheese.

  • If you don't already have cooked chicken on hand, now would be the time to or some chicken breasts to add to the mac on the last step. You could also use any leftover chicken or protein you might have here.

Step 2: Boil the macaroni

To start, warm up some water on the stove in a pot. You only need enough water to just cover the pasta. Add in the dried macaroni. If you have too much water, scoop some out so that the water level is just above the paste. Season the water a large pinch of salt.

Bring the water to a . Stir the pasta occasionally until the water has almost entirely and absorbed into the noodles (and the pasta is cooked through).

Step 3: Make the sauce

With the water into a starchy substance, turn down the heat to low. Add the evaporated milk, cheese powder, and cheese. Stir the sauce until it thickens to your liking. You can tweak the consistency of your mac and cheese by adding more evaporated milk if needed.

Add the roasted poblano peppers, the grilled chicken, and spices to the pot and mix together. Serve!



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