Green Pea Pesto

Higher in protein & lower in fat, this pesto is good on pasta and pizza.

4 servings

Time: 10 mins

By Ethan Chlebowski

This pesto recipe modifies the traditional version by using less basil, eliminating pine nuts, and adding green peas. The result is a sweeter sauce that closely mirrors the original, while providing higher protein content and lower fat. It's ideal for quickly preparing pasta dishes, pizzas, or salads.

Ethan Chlebowski

Ethan Chlebowski



  • Pesto components

    • peas
      150 g
    • fresh basil
      a handful
    • olive oil
      25 g
    • butter
      10 g
    • parmesan
      20 g
    • garlic
      2 cloves
    • salt
      to taste
    • black pepper
      a sprinkle
    • lemon juice
      a drizzle


Step 1: Blend the pesto

Add all ingredients to a food processor, setting aside half of the oil. Pulse until all ingredients are chopped. While blending, gradually add in the reserved oil until a unified sauce is formed.

  • If needed, you can add a splash of water to thin out the texture.

Step 2: Adjust seasoning & enjoy

Taste it! Add salt, black pepper, and squeeze in lemon juice to taste. Use with hot pasta, salads, flatbreads, or as a dip. Store in a container in the refrigerator for up to a week.



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