Gently cooking food in lightly bubbling liquid.

What are the fundamentals of simmering?

Simmering is a cooking technique where food is cooked in lightly bubbling liquid at a temperature range between 180-212°F/82-100°C (at sea level).

  • Water is a consistent and dependent temperature regulator. A gentle simmer (small bubbles — not a rolling ) ensures your food cooks within a predictable temperature range.

Simmering is a means of evaporation while using an uncovered pan or pot, which will concentrate the flavors of a liquid. See .

🍳 Kitchen Tool: Pot
🔥 Heat Type: Conduction w/ water
🌡️ Temperature: <180-212°F/82-100°C
🧪 Food Reaction(s):

Example Foods

  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Vodka sauce
  • Ragu bolognese

Simmering in Action