Whipped Feta Dip

A light summer snack or lunch.

2-4 servings

Time: 5 mins

By Keith McBrayer

This originally appeared in The Mouthful, our weekly food newsletter for the curious home cook.

This is a great dip or side to have whenever you have leftover feta in your fridge. Serve it with some pita crackers and raw vegetables, or whatever you have on hand.

Keith McBrayer

Keith McBrayer



  • Whipped feta

    • feta
      2 parts200 g
    • greek yogurt
      1/4 part25 g
  • Garnish

    • olive oil
    • garlic
      , roasted
    • nuts
      , toasted
    • olives
    • lemon zest
  • Dipping options

    • pita bread
    • crackers
    • raw vegetables


Step 1: Assemble & serve

In a blender, add feta chunks and a small amount of a greek yogurt to adjust the texture. Blend until smooth and aerated, adding more yogurt or a splash of water (if needed) to loosen it up. Taste and adjust with salt or lemon juice for extra acidity.

Serve with garnishes and dipping items of choice.



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