Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Tender & moist scrambled eggs that are creamy without using a ton of butter.

1-2 servings

Time: 10 mins

By Ethan Chlebowski

Soft scrambled eggs are my personal favorite and typically the ones I make at home. They are characterized by small or medium-sized curds cooked over low heat. Check out the original video guide for how to achieve different textures.

Ethan Chlebowski

Ethan Chlebowski



  • Eggs

    • eggs
    • butter
      a spoonful20 g
    • salt
      to taste
    • black pepper
      for garnish
    • chives
      , finely chopped
      for garnsih


Step 1: Beat the eggs

Add the eggs to a bowl with a pinch of salt. Whisk vigorously together until the eggs are completely broken down, homogenous, and no streaks of whites remain.

Step 2: Start the eggs

Place a pan over low heat and add the butter. Swirl the butter once to coat the pan, ensuring it's not bubbling, as this would indicate it's too hot.

Next, pour in the eggs and use a spatula to stir slowly as the curds begin to form. Stir more frequently for smaller curds, and less frequently for larger ones.

Step 3: Remove from the heat

Just before they reach your preferred texture, take the pan off the heat and let the residual heat finish setting them. You can always return the pan to the heat for a few seconds if the carry-over heat didn’t finish them.

Step 4: Garnish & serve

Serve the eggs on a plate and hit them with a couple of black pepper cranks and fresh chives.



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