Baba Ganoush

A creamy & smokey roasted eggplant dip.

2-4 servings

Time: 50 mins

By Keith McBrayer

The recipe breakdown originally appeared in The Mouthful, our weekly food newsletter for the curious home cook.

Keith McBrayer

Keith McBrayer



  • Creamy base

    • eggplant
      , roasted, skinned
      2 parts200 g
    • extra virgin olive oil
      1 part100 g
    • tahini sauce
      1/4 part25 g
    • garlic
      to taste
  • Flavor adjusters

    • parsley
      , minced
      to taste
    • lemon juice
      to taste
    • cumin
      , or coriander
      to taste
  • For serving

    • extra virgin olive oil
    • pita bread


Step 1: Prep the eggplant flesh

Prick the eggplant skins with a fork or knife to create steam vents and prevent them from exploding. Using a grill, smoker, or oven broiler, roast the eggplants until their skin is completely and the insides are soft (rotating often, about 30-45 minutes total cooking time).

Allow the eggplants to cool slightly. Peel the skin & stems from the flesh. Alternatively, use a spoon to scoop out the soft flesh, taking care to minimize bits of burnt skin.

Add the softened flesh to a strainer or clean tea towel. Press out as much water as you can.

Step 2: Emulsify the dip

Add the drained, roasted eggplant flesh to a bowl. Crush the garlic cloves into a paste using a mortar and pestle (or use a knife and cutting board). Add the crushed garlic and tahini to the eggplant, and mix together until the eggplant begins to break down.

Using a fork or whisk, vigorously stir the eggplant mixture while slowly drizzling in the olive oil to it into the dip.

  • Pause frequently and check that the oil is fully incorporated into the mixture — the dressing should be smooth and creamy and thicken as you add more oil, not greasy.

Keep adding oil until you’ve reached the amount or the dip is thickened to your liking.

Step 3: Adjust the flavors & serve

Add in a handful of minced parsley, a sprinkle of salt, spices, and fresh lemon juice. Taste and adjust until the salt. Make sure the acid levels are balanced, and the dip is well seasoned and bright, but not overpowering to the subtle eggplant flavor.

Smooth out the finished dip in a serving bowl, and optionally float a layer of olive oil over top for garnish. Serve with pita bread.



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