techniqueSDeep Fry

Cooking by submerging in hot oil or fat.

What are the fundamentals of deep frying?

Frying is the act of using hot oil or fat to submerge and cook an ingredient. Deep frying uses enough oil to completely suspend ingredients during cooking.

  • Deep frying is similar to in that it submerges food in a hot liquid, except it uses instead of as the thermal medium.
  • Usually, frying is done to achieve a texture & . It’s a great method to get a crispy, golden brown exterior that contrasts against a gently cooked interior.

What about air frying?

  • Air frying is just convection cooking with air. See .
🍳 Kitchen Tool: Pot or deep fryer
🔥 Heat Type: Convection w/ fat
🌡️ Oil Temperature: ~325-375°F/160-190°C
🧪 Food Reaction(s):

Example Foods

  • Fried chicken
  • Tempura
  • Churros

Deep Frying in Action